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Introducing an Additional Registration Option for the US OPEN USTA Wheelchair Championships

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Imagine yourself at the US OPEN September 1-6, 2009!

Your head is down; your eye is on the ball; the ball is in the middle of your racket; you are hitting inside out, outside in and every ball has eyes as it finds the mark you have charted for the match. You can practically see yourself in the winner’s circle with the US OPEN USTA Gold Ball in hand.

Now your day is done. Roll onto the ramp van. In five minutes you are delivered to the Chase Park Plaza. You are in the lap of luxury trying to decide where you will dine and what you will treat yourself to. Afterwards, simply present your hotel card for payment and drift off to sleep between the eider down. Or go out the side door and roam the Central West End: a shopping and dining Mecca where sidewalk cafés, bars and music fill the streets and air with the sights, sounds and fragrances of St. Louis!

This year The Gateway Confluence Wheelchair Sports Foundation (The Confluence) has constructed an All Inclusive tournament offering for players and guests that we consider befitting the US OPEN – a Super Series event! We ask you to partner with us as we work to renew and rebuild this prestigious event.

For one hundred dollars US ($100.00) per day, US OPEN Super Series All Inclusive Registrants (players/guests/coaches) are treated to luxury unsurpassed on the world stage of tournament play. Attendees share a luxury suite, marble bath, two flat screens, receive fifty dollars US ($50.00) per day to be spent in the hotel for room service or in one of five hotel restaurants or any hotel service. Guests choose their restaurant and choose their meals from a menu and dine over china and linen.

Tournament transportation is superlative! New Ramp Vans make the five-minute trip from hotel to courts (and back again) as often is required to maintain attendees’ comfort. No lines, no interminable waits and no transportation nightmares of any kind.

The tournament itself is professionally organized and run by seasoned pros. Open and Lettered players each have their own tournament desk ably manned (womanned) by folks whose only goal is smooth operation and service. Nineteen lighted courts including a stadium court will be utilized to contest all division play. The media has been alerted so bring your Super Series Stuff.

ROHO continues to present unsurpassed hospitality. Jackie, Omelia and Bridget dispense fruit, candy, pretzels, chips, and snack food of all kinds during the course of the tournament day. The Missouri Valley Section of the USTA will be buying lunch and Mrs. Hulling’s will be preparing it courtside daily. If your gear lets you down, we will lend you some. If it’s broken we can mend it. Matt says he can fix anything except a broken heart and the crack of dawn.

For those who have not registered because you think you can not afford the Super Series All Inclusive Registration, the tournament organizers are happy to offer you the opportunity to develop your own super saver option. To assist you, the US OPEN is introducing a Tournament Only Registration.

Please compare the benefits of the Super Series All-Inclusive Registration to the Super Series Tournament Only Registration.

Let’s Do the Math and compare Apples and Oranges.

After you read through our offerings and do some of your own research, you will be ready to make a decision on the best registration package for you.

Once you make your decision proceed to and click on the US OPEN link.

Please read the overview shown in recent news and then read your player/guest information. Now you are ready to proceed to “Register First Time Users.” If you run into any difficulties with your registration please contact us via email at and we will be pleased to help

As always, we look forward to having you ♫Meet Us In St. Louis♫!

Player Applicant List updated 7/15/2009 8AM

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

Player Applicant List 7-15-2009 8AM
A hearty thanks to players who have registered for the 2009 US OPEN USTA Wheelchair Championships by July 1st, 2009. We are appreciative that you have partnered with us as we work to accommodate our host hotel’s room drop date requirements.  Players are still invited to Register on line by clicking on the “Register First Time Users” button on the left.

We look forward to seeing you in St. Louis in September.

Printable Player Applicant List 7-15-09 8AM

Welcome to the 2009 US OPEN USTA Wheelchair Championships – An Overview

Monday, June 1st, 2009

The 2009 US OPEN Wheelchair Championships are under construction in St. Louis, Missouri USA. Oldest and most revered of all wheelchair tennis events the US OPEN USTA Wheelchair Championships is recognized as the granddaddy of all wheelchair tennis tournaments worldwide and a must stop on the NEC International Wheelchair Tennis Tour.

Our DSO, The Confluence, is proud to have been awarded the sanctioning by the USTA and the ITF to present the thirtieth edition of the wheelchair tennis US OPEN. When the Confluence was asked to host this Super Series/Category I event, we almost immediately agreed. The momentary delay in accepting the challenge was only as a result of stunned surprise. We had not sought the honor nor had we any inkling the offer to host this august event would present itself, but when we had collected ourselves we said, Yes, Yes, Heck Yes!

The Confluence is both proud and humbled at the news from the USTA that we have been selected to administer and run the 2009 US OPEN USTA Wheelchair Championships. We will do our absolute best to act as the finest possible stewards of this most prestigious of wheelchair tournaments.

Before we move forward we would like to acknowledge the universal regret that the world of wheelchair tennis experienced at the loss of the 2008 US Open USTA National Wheelchair Championships annually held in California for the past twenty-nine years. A sad and unavoidable situation to be sure and one we keep close to our heart, allowing it to act as daily motivation to construct the best possible 2009 event.

For thirty years good men and women of the National Foundation for Wheelchair Tennis, the United States Tennis Association and the International Tennis Federation have labored to develop our beloved sport and elevate it onto the world stage. We feel fortunate to be included in that long line of facilitators. We indeed work from the high vantage point of those fine souls who have blazed the trail before us. Seated on the shoulders of the giants of our sport is comforting.

We hold the US OPEN Wheelchair Championships in very high esteem and have agreed as tournament organizers to work diligently to construct a world-class event. We have the great good fortune to have most of our key personnel involved in the 2009 US OPEN Wheelchair Championships and, too, we are blessed to have historical Dwight Davis Tennis Center located in the heart of Forest Park, which resides centrally to the city of Saint Louis, Missouri, USA.

The 2009 US OPEN Wheelchair Championships is epic! It is so, simply because it is, The US OPEN Wheelchair Championships! As we design the tournament, among our watchwords we consider thoughts consistent with the following: surpassing the usual or ordinary, particularly in scope or size; luxurious; historic; and grand.

St. Louis is fortunate to have a great tennis facility, great volunteers, unsurpassed tournament transportation, an excited tennis community, an inclusive welcoming city and a dedicated cadre of sponsors who have been supportive season after season with The ROHO Group at its center to construct this monumental and memorable wheelchair tennis event.

The final key element in our quest to develop a first class event is the tournament’s host hotel. In 2009 we have selected the Chase Park Plaza as the host hotel for the 2009 US OPEN Wheelchair Championships. We welcome all to visit their web site at: We trust you will be favorably impressed with the oldest, finest house in the region. Our tournament transportation will move players from the Chase to the courts within 3 minutes and truly one could roll the route in quick time.

We know we need everyone’s blessing to have a shot at success. We ask for the good will of all and most importantly ask for everyone’s assistance. We reach out now and we will reach out often seeking good ideas, good connections and good wishes.

Timing is everything and currently the world economy is such that anyone contemplating building big events, especially big events that count on the kindness and largesse of sponsorship must worry to an insane degree and accordingly second-guess every move.

Every day brings more news of recession and economic woe. We hear every day from potential sponsors that things are uncertain, scary. The future is, as always, unknowable and our crystal ball is as cloudy as yours; however we are busy making all necessary plans to host the 2009 US OPEN Wheelchair Championships.

The directors, organizers and volunteers of the USTA National Indoor Wheelchair Championships ROHO Gateway Classic worked for years to develop our No Fee wheelchair tennis tournament presentation. Assembling the wherewithal was always a struggle and we truly feel fortunate to have been able to successfully construct such financially player supportive and player friendly events.

The most critical element necessary to build our dream wheelchair tennis US OPEN tournament and the scarcest element is of course monetary resources. Accordingly, at this moment we cannot guarantee our No Fee offering of past tournaments.

Our tournament player package is designed as an All Inclusive Fee arrangement to accommodate a six-day wheelchair US OPEN, beginning on Tuesday, September 1, 2009 and running consecutive days through Sunday, September 6, 2009. Dwight Davis Tennis Center in Forest Park, St. Louis Missouri is the home of the US OPEN. Nineteen fully lit courts including Dwight Davis Center Court will be utilized throughout the US OPEN.

Open Division Players will arrive in town on Monday, August 31st 2009 and depart on Sunday, September 6th heading for the US OPEN New York. Open play will begin at 10:00 am on Tuesday, September 1st and finals will be held Sunday, September 6th. Open players will stay 6 nights in our host hotel. Our tournament offering is premised on double occupancy utilizing Chase Park Plaza suites.

Lettered Division Players will arrive in town on Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009 and depart on Sunday, September 6th. Lettered play will begin at 10:00 on Thursday, September 3rd and finals will be held Sunday, September 6th. Lettered players will have 4 nights double occupancy in our host hotel. Our tournament offering is premised on double occupancy utilizing Chase Park Plaza suites.

We will utilize a day session and an evening session to conduct the US OPEN. Tournament transportation will be provided on an as needed basis with tournament ramp vans running the hotel-courts / courts-hotel circuit as tasked by players. Breakfast and Dinner will be offered at the Chase Park Plaza. Players will avail themselves of the bill of fair of five unique restaurants/lounges within the hotel complex. Lunch will be court side.

As part of our tournament offering players will be given a hotel credit card for their use as they make daily selections on hotel food, beverage and services. Fifty dollars per player/per day will be the credit limit programmed into their credit card. We believe the foregoing to be generous enough to accommodate most desires and of course any additional wants can be satisfied with a modest out of pocket addition to the credit line.

As we busy ourselves with the labor of assembling generous sponsors who buy into our player supportive philosophy we constantly calculate what indeed will be the cost of constructing the 2009 US OPEN Wheelchair Championships. Ciphering our way to this unknown number is nearly impossible but still we calculate and try to reason and solve by use of very theoretical arithmetic.

We continue to work at securing sponsorship at the highest level, but for now we are asking players to assist with the construction of The 2009 US OPEN Wheelchair Championships in the following manner. Lettered Players will be accommodated by hotel services for four nights and will be billed four hundred dollars US ($400.) Open Players will be accommodated by hotel services for six nights and will be billed six hundred dollars US ($600.) Guests will receive the same inclusive package.

We will continue to work to develop the most comprehensive and inclusive fee structure we can; but we will not offer a secondary hotel. We want everyone to buy into the proposition and help create the mystique of this stand alone, one of a kind in all the world, continuation of the world’s first and finest wheelchair tennis tournament. “In for a penny, in for a pound” is an apt description of our hope for a prevailing and accepting attitude of those who choose to participate in The 2009 US OPEN Wheelchair Championships.

We need everyone to understand the offering before they commit and then fully commit to being an active partner in the rebuilding of this classic, a giant.

Mark your calendars for September 1 through 6, 2009.

Come, Meet Us In St. Louis

At The 2009 US OPEN Wheelchair Championships.

Important Player Information may be found by clicking on the buttons on the left. Please take time to read and understand the tournament offering and then we invite you to commit to being part of the Thirtieth Annual US OPEN USTA Wheelchair Championships. This year you are able to complete your full registration on line on The Confluence’s web site.  See the buttons on the left that will take you to registration. If we can assist with any additional information or clarification, please contact us.

The Chase Park Plaza is the finest hotel in our region. The rooms are cavernous and will accommodate player’s needs to relax, rest, recharge, entertain themselves, and luxuriate in a first class house with first class appointments. The suites are large and luxurious but do not mirror newer built cookie cutter rooms with side-by-side double beds. Two players to a room will in some cases require the players to alternate evenings in the bedroom and sitting room portions of their suite. Take a tour by visiting

One reason for the tournament committee choosing the Chase Park Plaza is its Central West End location. Please visit to take a tour of the immediate surrounding neighborhood waiting as you leave the Chase Park Plaza. A few pushes will deliver you to the Central West End – an urban, hip and trendy one-stop-shopping and dining Mecca for many.  Be it an afternoon strolling down the historic Central West End streets, admiring both shop windows and beautifully-landscaped front yards or simply taking in a movie at the Chase Park Plaza’s comfortable movie house, the Central West End (CWE) seems to have it all.

One reason for the tournament committee choosing the Dwight Davis Tennis Center is its Forest Park location. Please visit and navigate some of the finest big city amenities all within pushing distance from courts and hotel. World class attractions, St. Louis Art Museum and St. Louis Zoo which was recently named “best zoo in the country” by Zagat’s Guide (the Saint Louis Zoo is home to more than 3,600 animals, many of them endangered species) are there for you should you find the time. There is month of interesting and entertaining things to do. Please do your homework and make plans as time will allow. Forest Park is a premiere destination and the 2009 US OPEN USTA Wheelchair Championships sits in the middle of the Green Island known as Forest Park.

Value added is one of our key phrases and directives for the construction of the 2009 US OPEN USTA Wheelchair Championships. While we are not working to build a vacation destination, we are working hard to create the 2009 US OPEN USTA Wheelchair Championships as a upscale, world class, player friendly, player supportive tournament that shines with the historic prestige of three decades of pitched battles that have crowned champions from every corner of the world. By its very nature a wheelchair US OPEN has the obligation of remembering from whence it came, preserving the name and integrity of the OPEN and, perhaps the most daunting challenge, presenting to the world the finest competitive wheelchair tennis players. Our overriding desire is to make that presentation to a packed house, to have appreciative and supportive tennis fans in attendance, and to do so in with a grand slam feel.